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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and that breaking news is in newark, new jersey, a san francisco bound plane was abandoned on the website. i'm dan. >> that plane was about to take off with the pilot radioed to stop. personal items and phones are on board and they have to retrophy those things and any getting booked on noer flight. >> united confirmed it's a short time ago that five people suffered minor injuries, one person had a spranged ankle.
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this comes after the tower reported seeing fire in one of the plane's engines. the plane was still taxiing at the time and stopped. here's what to passengers on board had to say about their or deal. >> flight attend ents ants were like get off the plane, get off thane spot it was controlled chaos is probably the best way for me to describe it. >> everyone was shaken at first. we were all out on the tarmac but i think as soon as we got in the lounge we saw a lot of comrade did i her and people offering phones to those who had left theirs on the airplane. >> united released this staple a little while ago saying we are working to get o customers to san francisco as soon as possible. >> a flight coming in and out of newark will be delayed for the rest of the night. one passenger we spoke with said he may be landing at sfo after 3:00 in the morning. live in the "newsroom", abc 7
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news. >> lisa, if you. britain's prime minister has raised the nation's threat level to critical, that's the highest level meaning another terrorist attack could be immanent. >> it comes after the bombing last night, 20 dwo people were killed, many of them were children. we have more from manchester. >> reporter: authorities identifying the suspect salman abedi who was already known to british authorities, even at one point considered a possible terrorist. >> the spirit of manchester and the spirit of britain is far mightier than the sick plots of deprafd terrorists. >> police and int irrelevant poll on the hunt for terrorists on in the deadliest attack in 2005. >> every attack has some telltale "a" aspect to it. >> he dead e detonated his bomb outside an ariana grande
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concert. they zeroed in on this neighborhood, the brother of sal man abedi identified on the tabloid as pure evil, born in manchester albed did i is the son of immigrants. he was one one of 500 men known to authorities as possible terrorists. >> mi 5 were aware of limb, any were aware he posed a potential threat but they didn't think he posed the immanent threat he posed himself do. >> the neighborhood where he lived considered to be a hot befd ice sis recruit. just three miemz from the arena. >> manchester remaining defiant throughout the terror, signs of un nighty, complete strangers offering hugs and encouragement to one another. >> makes you scared at first, but you just realize you can't let them win and you get on with it. >> british prime minister upgrading the let level to critical, the highest level. that means the army could be out
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patrolling civilian areas in order to free up police to pursue terrorists. >> the uk attack comes just days before napa valley's big bottlerock festival. >> we have a look at what to expect. >> this construction zone also known at the napa valley expo fairgrounds where on friday, saturday, sunday, bottlerock returns and with it some 120,000 people. but right nought time cog not be less perfect. >> i just don't see us as a target. >> i don't choose to live my life i guess with -- i'm not a fear-based person. i don't live my life afraid. >> the implication that napa, california, is not man chefrt inning gland. but after the fatal attack at a concert there it's a question we must ask especially with bottlerock poised to become the center of the world's concert universe. >> antibiotic will rack management declined to answer
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questions today but did issue a statement which reads in part, napa, valley works to regional and local securities agencies to provide the best security for our guests. so we asked local police. >> our security position has not changed. we have worked over the last four years to develop a security plan that we have a high level of confidence in. >> before entering the venue, concert goers could expect metal detectors, wandings and bag checks as to preventing threats just outside. >> i don't know that you could ever control it. i think what we try and do is maintain as high-level visibility as we can and, again, it comes back. some of this comes back to the public. >> in short of a concert-goer sees someone, something suspicious, report it. in these uncertain times, better to be watchful than to become a headline. in napa, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> so many people are sending their thoughts to manchester you can express your condolences by
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sharing this image on our abc 7 news feback page. a fall play have claimed the life of a woman. authorities say they found the body, her caretaker last saw her on friday night, she was spotted on surveillance video near where her body was found. she was discovered 100 fifrt feet down a steep ravine. deputies say she may have slipped. police hope you can find a suspect that showed up in a waenz bedroom. she said a man who looks like this got in her bedroom, stood at the foot of her bed and shined the light in her eyes. he took off when he saw the woman's boir friend. this happened in the terra linda area. they want to hear from anyone who recognizes the man in this sketch. a massive landslide that i hit highway 101 over the weekend could take months to repair.
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it happened south of big sur. a quarter of a mile of hillsdale hillside gave way. most of it dropped 200 feet into the ocean, engineers are just starting to assess the damage. they expect the repairs will take months if not longer. >> it should be easier if the roadway is still there, not easy but not as complicated as if the roadway is missing, which we think might be the case. >> this closure comes on top of another closure fot north of big sur that's make access to the local communities difficult for residents and tourists. you might recall a major slide damaged the fwlij january. they were set to open in september. you can get to pfeiffer big sur state park which has just partially reopened. the drought's over but some east bay water customers may still have to pay more for their water. new proposal would hike briesz 18% over the next two years. that would be a 9.25% increase
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this july then another 9% increase next july. here's abc 7 news reporter laura an knowny. reporter: rains did their part, and the reservoirs are brimming. but that doesn't mean east bay mud customers will get a break on their rates. likely, quite the opposite. despite the wet winter and partly due to the fact that rate pairs got good at not using water. >> our customers have done a great job of conserving. >> over call they caught their water use bij a 20%. less water consumption means lower revenues for east bay mud which counts 90% of its cost as fixed. >> there are with some projects that were deferred after the last drought as a cost-cutting measure. we don't want to do thatny longer. >> that's why they're propose a rant crease of 18% over two years starting with more than 9% this summer. >> i have to say i'm a little
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disappointed because weave all done our fair share of conserving over the last three years probably. >> much of the new revenues would go toward projects like this one in laugh yet where old pipes are being replaced with new, more reliable conveyance systems. >> i think they've got fixed costs, they've got to make it up someway. i'm okay as long as everyone's saving and conserving water. >> east bay muddle hold public hearings on the potential rate increases in july. laura an antthy area nbs 7 yuz. >> water rates were schedule to good in her rain, san bruno and other areas. meanwhile were san mateo residents are looking at a 36% increase in their sewage rates to pay for its treatment plant. preventing sexual harassment in schools. up next the young women who are leading this effort. also the flint stone house
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off the market. the whimsical home has findly found a buyer. >> drew with the weather. >> and temperatures cooler than this time yesterday and that trend will continue into tomorrow. let you know about that in the accuweather forecast.
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every school has a sexual harassment policy but oakland will soon have a new policy modified by female students. abc 7 news reporter reports on the chaes that are coming. >> slap a girl's rear end on friday's has been going on in some schools for years. they say there's nothing playful about that behavior. >> they sexually harass gills, touch then inappropriately and girls will speak up like it's not okay but no wasn't respect when'd it came out of our moumz. >> there are a lot of bless ages we hear from music, what we see on tell vig, music video. >> this is a former oakland student. she says those messages are sometimes embedded in popular culture making them acceptable when they shouldn't be. but a new student driven-sexual harassment policy wants to change that. oakland's unified and alliance for girls got together to modify
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the direct's existing sexual harassment policy. one major change is getting rid of language that suggests that a victim may be penalized for reporting sexual harassment. >> so that automatically shuts people down and say, i don't even want to risk making this worse than what i've already experienced so i'd just raernl not say anything and just, you know, sweep it under the rug. >> another important new step is to keep the victim of sexual harassment informed the process from start to finish. >> we've identified for the school direct a person who can be responsible for making sure it gets from the time of the reporting all the way to the time of the resolution. >> the new policy will be presented to oakland's board of education tomorrow night. it's expected to pass unanimously. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> asian airlines has responded to a man who was asked to move from his seat because of his
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prosthetic leg. they record the event. it happened on a flight from bay zwroing seoul on sunday. now he sies he paid extra for a seat with more legroom and that he sat in exit rows many times and is fully capable of performing the necessary safety duties. today the airline said that the faa regulation says that the airlines reserve the right to judge whether the passenger would be able to perform the required safety procedures in the case of an emergency. they say he did not pay extra for the seat. economists are always looking for trends that the forecast change and today a sharp drop in new home sales is raising questions of whether the real estate market is showing some signs of soft evening. david louis takes a look. >> there's a construction frenzy across the south bay. kb home for example has selling under way in 26 bay area communities, hofl half of them in the south bay. the u.s. commerce department
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noticed a hiccup last month, new home sales in the west dropped 2060%. the biggest drop in 26 years. >> the new home sales maybe the leading indicator of the home sales drop. >> he's starting to see a soft evening of the market. >> where i used to get ten or 12 offers on a market now i'll be two or three. >> the median price in san jose hoz gone from 800,000 to $1 million but the number of buyers who can afford to buy that home is at a tipping point. >> right now it's about 10 perse fwhun five families can afford to bite median priced home. if that number falls below 20 kmers it did in 2016 and '7, typically we see a slowing in the marketplace. >> no one is predicting a bubble bursting but changing could be in the wind had the housing cycles tend to run five to seven years from the time a recovery starts until a market becomes a bit tense and could develop a
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develop. we're current fli year five of a housing market recovery. >> still, housing developers see the south bay being a strong market due to the growth in jobs and scarce sity of land. many projects are being built near bub transit including the bart service in san jose. >> the landmark flint stone house in hillsboro has a buyer. deal hasn't closed yet but it is in contract. that house hit the market in 2014 for $4.2 million. the asking price was reduced twice last year by a total of a million dollars. that house was built in 1976. it's clearly visible to commuters on 280. climbers won't be able to scale the half dome this weekend. massive amounts of snow is delaying the installation of the stops approximately it looks lick they won't be installed
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until june 2nd at the earl earliest. anyone who paid for a hiking permit before the cables are installed will get a refund. >> look at the line of people that are going that. dwou that? >> it would be cool to do actually. that wasn't a did he fintive yes. >> i don't think either one of us would do it. drew you too man, are you a climbing guy? >> no. >> three cowards here. >> yeah. heights are not my thing. live do, seven, we are seeing that fog return very quickly and that's going to bring in cooler temperatures tomorrow afternoon once again. live do lar 7 along with satellite you see that grade shating on your screen, you want to skoom in very close to the coast around month terra, daley city and the fog has returned and it will make that push inland tonight. pier 15 you see the skyline of san francisco slightly obscured by the marine layer, not very thick tonight. that means tomorrow morning it's
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going to quickly burn off kwuns again. but it will bring much cooler ocean fair, fairfield and livermore nine to ten degrees cooler right now than we were this time last night. it feels a lot better out there. we're breaking that heat that's been with us inn land for several days. and four degrees cooler in san jose. out there right now, a lot of 50s and 60s on the board. 62 that current number in san jose, 57 in oakland were we're at 55 in nevada, but brentwood still hold og ton clear skies and mild temperatures at 72 degrees. overnight tonight the cause that the fog will return it will push inland you see that contour on your screen have a lot of white on your screen, that's the fog. by 9:00 in the morning it's beginning its journey back to the coast. we do expect that fog to break quickly, only exception right along the coast you can see it's going to hold on. mainly cloudy skies for coastal communities but with that marine layer it will create cooler afternoons tomorrow and also on thursday. so overnight tonight a lot of
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cloud cover, mainly cloudy skies in much. bay area. 55 in san jose, fieft 3 oakland, 49 that low in napa. on our wednesday it will abe blend of sunshine and clouds throughout the day, cooler in the south, more typical for this time year, 75 in san jose, 74 that number in santa clair are, 70 nait gilroy. along the peninsula, 74 palo alto but the coast have you that fog sticking with us so temperatures struggling to get out of the 50s. downtown san francisco, saund clouds tomorrow, 63 that's actually slightly below normal for this time of year, 57 for daly city. 70 in nevada, 68 in vallejo, the warm spot lakeport, 882 degrees. oakland tomorrow 68, 72 fremont, 71 that yub kat castro valley, ib land sets and 80s.
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81 brentwood in antioch. we are having some changes to the pollen in our air. tree pollen still at high levels, grass pollen coming down to moderate levels that uv index is very high. seven-day forec continues and that will continue into thursday with increasing clouds below normal for fry but all indications the holiday weekend looking really nice, warming trend and by memorial day you can see we're back into the 70s and 80s across much of the reason. >> looks pleasant. >> it's going to be nice. thank you. well uber admits to a costly mistake how dollars and cents could
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today uber admitted it short
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changed drivers in new york city. uber says it collected tens of millions of dollars more ha from the drivers than it should have for nearly three years starting in 2014. thousands of drivers in new york city will now get about $900 each. the transportation network says was incollide a city fee in sales tax in its 25% cut of fairs. they say they noticed the problem after announcing a new pricing system on friday. san francisco 'alamo scare park is set to reopen tomorrow. the city spent $5 million to replace the grass with a drought resistant variety. it also'd new benches and water filling station the restrooms have been update and single-user restroom that can accommodate wheelchairs. reopening ceremony is planned for 11:30 tomorrow morning. volunteers pitched in to help spruce up a homeless center in oakland at the patched and painted the interior of the covenant house.
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this is part of national painteding week. sherwin-williams set up more than 200 projects nationwide covering the supplies and the time. they say it's important that the space is comfortable and lively for the underserved people who use it to study or search for jobs. snapchat is set to unveil a new way to share videos with your friends. they're adding a feature called custom stories. it is the latest in a recent string of new features. earlier this month snapchat said it would do away with time limits on snaps. new details on that deadly a tack at an ar anya grande concert. they rlgs the name of the man they believe committed the bombing. the former head of the cia heads to congress, what he said abou
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. right now the terror alert level is in critical in britain after last night's attack outside a ariana grande concert. police say 22-year-old salman abead did i died in the attack. he was bornd and raised in britt tan. today they raided his home and arrested another man. they're not sure if abedi ask part of a met work. they're allowing british soldiers to call in security for soccer matches. may called the attack coward es president trump used another world. >> i will call them from now on losers because that's what they are. they're losers.
9:31 pm
>> ariana grande has returned to her florida home. her tour has been postponed. >> these games will see tighter security for the rest of the season. they'll patrol the washing parking lot, walk the exterior with bomb-snifg dogs and assist with security check points. they say these actions are a direct result of the terror attack in britt ann. the fbi contacted stadium officials along wj ore local law enforcement across the country. abc news reporter pierre thomas has detailed. >> reporter: tonight abc news learning that state, local, and federal authorities are working to identify potentially vulnerable open ven nurz here ranging from storting events to concerts. the concert in grand prairie, texas last night as manchester unfolded beefd up security. at the melissa reg ridge concert more security, bags being inspected. >> i understand why they have to do that. >> with terror attacks surging
9:32 pm
in europe, u.s. officials locked in worried about isis and the potential for copy cats. expect increased security at this week's indy 500. today in new york, the nation's number one terror target, more heavily armed police at more locations. >> that was pierre thomas report pgt the attack left families and friends waiting and hoping to reaekt connect with their loved ones who were at the concert. tonight some people remain missing including a mother. from the teenagers who were on their own for a concert to the children running king out hold their mother's hands, the attack was aim at young lives. saffie roussos separated from her mother and sitter, she did not survive. her sool said she was a little girl loved by everyone. there are reports here that her mother was critically injured in the hospital and may not be aware of what happened to saffie.
9:33 pm
18-year-old george deana callan der had her picture taken with the pop star two years ago. she did moot make it out. in a vigil today in albert square, thousands honing the young faces who did not make it. >> it's a horrible thing that happened and it won't chak the city. >> why was it important for you to come out today? >> i think it's an attack on manchester which is our city and i think everybody needs to show support to show that we are altogether, we are all strong. >> i cannot imagine what the parents were going through. anyone who's a mother like myself as well, you cannot -- >> and we met the children here who are still struggling to find the words. >> what should everyone do now? >> carry on as normal. >> yeah, carry on as we usually do but just not wait for anyone -- >> come on.
9:34 pm
>> tonight, more than a dozen are still missing. family and friends still waiting, still searching. >> showing pictures of missing people, people that need help. >> looking in hotels, hospitals, a teenager's uncle searching for his 15-year-old niece olivia sfwlu haven't seen this girl by chance, are have you? >> excuse me, i'm just asking if you've seen this young girl. >> olivia's mother charlotte showing a picture of her little girl. >> if anybody's seen her bless contact the police, let them know you've seen her just let the police know, please. >> a desperate plea 'a mother. >> please just phone me, come home, please. >> the #missing manchester has been shared around the world. courtney boil, her boyfriend philip, martin head separated from his friends at the end of the show and this mother wendy
9:35 pm
fowl who hasn't been seen since the concert. but there are families tonight thankful, relieved, posting photos of the missing they've now discovered. this tweet, all these people have been found let's keep going. and here in the square we met a grandfather whose own wife is a child psychologist, she's been helping children and hasn't been home yet. >> this cowardes is the weakest and affecting people that are the weakest and families are affected. >> i don't know what they hope to achieve. president trump has arrived in rome for a vis witness pope francis. air force one landed from tel aviv earlier today. the president is slated to meet with the pope tomorrow in the vatican. the two have a contentious history. pope francis was critical of trump's campaign pledge to build a wall on the mexican border then trump responded by calling.
9:36 pm
>>the the white house sent its budget proposal to congress for 2018. budget director mick mulvaney calls it a taxpayer first plan. it includes $4.1 trillion in spending. there are big cuts, but it adds money to the military, the border wall, and family leaf. it relies on a key assumption that the economy will grow much faster than it has in recent years. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had already been critical of the plan. >> there are new questions tonight about the trump campaign's contacts with russia. trump report lid pressured top intelligence officials to publicly deny the allegations and former cia chief john brennan testified on capitol hill that he saw interactions between the trump team and russia and that he was worried the russians were actively trying to recruit. abc news reporter mary bruce with the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: on capitol hill hill today, blunt talk from the
9:37 pm
former cia direct. >> i encounter and am aware of gelts that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. >> for the first time, john brennan saying during the campaign he was concerned about ties between the russians and the trump team, so much so he thought the fbi should investigate and said he warned the russians to cut it out. >> it raised questions in my mind, again, whether or not the russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals. >> but today he stopped short of calling it collusion. >> i don't know whether or not such collusion, and that's your tem, such collusion existed. i don't know. >> that question is now at the heart of multiple investigation dollars and nought washington post reports president trump asked two of his top intelligence officials to publicly deny any coordination with the russians. one of those officials, the direct tort national
9:38 pm
intelligence pressed by lawmakers today would niemer confirm nor deny. >> it's not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> for now, the director isn't saying anymore. >> did the president tried at all -- >> we've said what we're going to say today. >> mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. up next we'll remember the remarkable career of roger moore and his most famous role at agent 007. >> we're using our abc news instagram feed to focus on history where you live. prior to the gold rush in the 1840s, sen vus u success records recorded only 54 chines immigrants in california. by 1876 that number had increased to more than 116,000. u.c. berkley's ban kroft library documents images like this
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roger moore the longest serving movie star to play james bond in the famed film series has died. >> the 89-year-old passed away from switzerland from cancer. we have a look back at the actor's long career. >> my name's bond, james bond. >> after a 20-plus career in various television and the movie roles, roger moore was pressed into service on the big screen when he was asked to play british super spy james bond in 1973. he played the iconic character seven times over the next 12 years. >> but slaimz james, i need you.
9:43 pm
>> so does england. >> a message from his family shared on the actor's official twitter account read, with the heaviest 6 hearts we must share the awful news that our father sir roger moore passed away today. it continued the love with which he was sur rund rounded in his final days was so great cannot moore became the third actor to play the spy after sean connery. he played in with the live and let die, and a view to kill" his tone was a little more charming than his predecessor, a charming ladies man. >> how do you fill five hours in rio if you don't sand bar. >> moore was honored with the star on the hollywood walk of fame and when he received his knight hood from queen elizabeth the second it was not for his
9:44 pm
aktding but for his humanitarian work. the actor pent some years as a good will ambassador to unicef, a position he called his great ef achievement. pierce brosnan who succeeded moore in the role said you were a magnificent james bond and one that led the way for me. the world will miss you and your unique sense of humor for years to come. he was 89. >> he was smooth and swaf for sure. >> lost in fremont rrtd sheep that was spotted wondering around downtown? wow. jessica castro air woman of many languages. >> she's studying for her masters degree like right now. >> loves documentaries. she's always reading multiple books at a time. jessica volunteers with kids, athletic, adventurous.
9:45 pm
>> the girl can dance. >> bright and early jess is jamming. >> our live desk was totally made for her. >> there's a lot happening in the morning and jess is bes best at
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a piece of space history will soon be up for grabs to the highest bidder. had a bag that neal armstrong used to bring the first moon dust back to earth on the first historic apollo landing in 1969. a chicago woman bought this bag for nine hundred $95 at a government action only two years ago. so she send it to nasa to confirm it's authentic, but the space agency wouldn't give it back. so the woman had to sue, she was ultimately awarded own irrelevant ship. that bag contains traces of moon guft dust and will be actioned
9:49 pm
on julg the 20 mg which will be the 48th anniversary of the mission now expected to nab millions at auction. >> well, fremont police have captured a wandering sheep. they started getting kaulds last night but no one could catch him. fremont police posted this video on their facebook change. finally animal service officers spoted the sheep this afternoon on steechson boulevard. thy say they have contacted the owner and planned to keep the animal safe until arrangements can be made to pick him up. >> you can imagine the police call. we got a wild sheep on the loose. and wild drew tuma on the loose with the forecast. >> and also the fog, that is grog to be a big issue tomorrow morning especially right along the coast. very stubborn to pull back to that means we'll have a cool coast tomorrow. you sea fog very nicely with the gray shading on your screen having a big effect on our temperatures. that pacific air of push moving ', lots of 50s around the immediate bay water. 60s away from there.
9:50 pm
and the low spot holding on to 71 degrees but we will cool off tonight. overnight a lot of cloud cover moving in, had low fog, 40s and 50s the name of the game. 53 in oak larnd with san jose cooler chilly the low of 49 degrees. we get you aught the door have the layers handy because the afternoon will be sunny but temperatures more season able for this time year. that the cooling trend continues into friday and rebound nicely into the weektd especially for the holiday on monday, sunny, warmer temperatures just slightly above normal but not too hot. >> all right. thank you. rick kwien handling sports tonight i imagine the warriors were hanging out watching the cavs celtics game thinking is this going to happen. >> who were they rooting four. >> cleveland. >> coming newspaper sports, the celtics try to sentd cav leaders
9:51 pm
for a second straight time and on a rainy night at (vo) this memorial day
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> in game one of last year's divisional series the cubs got behind the giants. tonight those same two pitchers squared off at wrigley field. rain delayed the start for more than an hour. this didn't seem to mind. chicago jumped on top of the first call, swarper takes kwaf video deep to right. this ball winds up on sheffield avenue. then in the fourth rizzo connects for a two-round shot. kuwait toe gave up a home run to jason hayward. he allowed six innings. he gaveunone run or four hits while striking out fen lester would got dance, he get arow, or on this pop up for the final out. chicago wins 4-1.
9:55 pm
over. coliseum the cubs are hosting the marlins on a cool and cozy note night. he delivers a two-run sing this will made is 3-0 marlins. oakland got one run back in his half after alonzo hits his 13th homer in the season, he has nine this month. jesse hahn got the start but had to leave the contest in the third with a triceps strain had the hiss his replacement had his problem as well. this rbi single by derek dakota trick made it 7 of 1. the "a"s are trying to rally now in the seventh miami leads 9-6. the warriors will be trying to win their second tight until three years when the nba finals begin june 1st at oracle arena. if you don't have a tiktd you can watch all the action right here on abc 7. with last night's sweep of san antonio, golden state is the first time in nba hittry to good 12-0 in the postseason. it's also the team's third
9:56 pm
straight western conference title. the only other franchise do that were the lakers. >> it's incredible. three years in a row is an accomplishment. don't take it for granted, enjoy it for a couple days but then get back to where we go. >> three state nba finals, how's it feel? >> you take it for kbranted but it's nights like these you just try to just be grateful, living in the moment, obviously. you know, our work, we don't feel is finished, but at the same time, you know trrps a hell of an accomplishment. a long flee years and it feels good to be back. >> we go it clevelandtor game four of the eastern conference fooind pienlz. the caves got a scare in the third quarter when kyrie irving goes down with what looks to be a serious ankle injury. but irving not only stayed in the game, conot be stopped. he hits from way outside just about the fourth quarter buzzer. he lays it up and in off the
9:57 pm
nice fake, cleveland wins and could rap up a series thursday in boston. defend reasonable doubts champ pittsburgh was trying to close out ottawa tonight. bobby ryan ties the game at one in the second period. then early in the third mike hoffman shoots from the top of the circle, the puck hits the post and goes in. 2-1 would be the time as ottawa forces a game seven on thursday. senators goalie craig anderson had 44 saves. the raiders held ota's in alameda that's organized team activities. former receiver calvin johnson is attending as a special guest todd downing. after make the a 12-4 record, much is expected of the silver and black. having johnson in camp should help a cooper who's been compared to mega reason to despite making prot ball his first two seasons. cooper caught just five touchdown last year he knows he needs to step up his production. >> of course he's been on my
9:58 pm
mind, but it's a good thing to me because i feel like i can go nowhere but up. i know that i can have, you know, a lot more production than i've had in the last -- in the past two seasons. so -- >> he's just scratching the surface of what he wants to accomplish in this lead and very prideful. he's always been very serious about the game and, you know, works hard at everything, really, his conditioning level and understanding what he needs to be able to do to play at a high level. >> the 40 nineers are also holding otas this week before coming to san francisco. kyle shanahan's specialty was working with the offense. but now as a head coach he's having to learn to keep tabs on the entire team. >> i find myself walking around a lot, i'm not used to that it feels awkward but i don't think that's a bad thing. i think i should walk around and see it, i watch it on aught tape with you that's later at night you want players to know you're there and paying attention to be
9:59 pm
everything and i usually trying try to cover that in the next day as well. >> this has been brought to you by toyota. the nineers were just 2-14 so there's a lot for mr. shanahan to work with. >> there's plenty of room for growth. >> no where else to go but up. >> coming up tonight or abc 7 news at 11:00, stepped up security, the new precautions local fans are facing after that new attack in england. >> the state is holding eight billion dollars in jewels, rare coins, some of it may be yours. seven on your side michael finney shows us how to claim what is yours. join us at 11:00 clock on on channel 7. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for watch, we'll see you again over at 11:00 on channel 7. >> sure about that
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... a body is discovered in a remote wooded area. it's a woman who was sexually assaulted, strangled, soaked in bleach and dumped in a shallow grave.


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